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Y’all. This year was an ass kicker. Geopolitics, local politics, and the giant fucking clash and crash of the two made me rethink everything. Like every.fucking.thing. The same thing happened to you so I don’t need to go into it.

It was also personally a crazy year for me. My career kinda blew up. I started traveling to teach. To other countries. People started wanting to hear my voice. I got an invitation to start my own video subscription channel on a website you’ve heard of. (I said no.)

Basically, I got a lot of things that I wanted and I’m not fucking complaining. But getting the things that you want makes you think really hard about what you actually want. Especially when you are basically getting what you want while the whole world burns. Fuck that.

What I actually want is to change the world.

I don’t actually give a shit if a lot of people wanna hear me talk. I’m a skilled teacher. I want to share my skills. But only with people who care. I don’t care if I have an audience of 2 as long as they are engaged and badass and thoughtful and kind.

I have seen the potential of yoga to change individual lives. I have seen it change the way individuals move through their worlds. I have seen the ripple effects in their families and communities. I have seen the same effects in mine.

I want everyone to get to have yoga. Not just the poses. The peace. The self-awareness. The calm. The ability to pause. The ability to check in when all you want to do is check out.

These times demand that we learn to withstand struggle with grace. Yoga can teach us how to do that. If you can stay present and aware and not totally fucking broken in the face of discomfort, deception, and oppression, then you become a revolutionary force.

What I realized this year is that, while I want everyone to have access to yoga, I don’t think that everyone is ready to go deep into the subtleties and discipline of the practice. It may look easy on Instagram, but this shit is hard. Living in alignment is way harder than doing warrior two in a bikini at sunrise.

What I realized this year is that I only want to teach people to teach yoga who want to be transformed. I don’t care about whether you want to “be a yoga teacher” or not, I want to know that you want to be transformed by the practice. The fact of your own transformation will transform others whether you know it or not.

Yeah, of course I want you to share the practice. So that we’re all ready to take care of bodies, minds, and hearts when the revolution comes. But sharing the practice looks different for different people. So, if the only reservation you have about not going deeper into yoga is that you’re not sure that you want to be a yoga teacher, don’t worry, you may not figure it out for a while. You don’t have to make your transformation into a career.

But if you are concerned that it might be hard and that you don’t really wanna transform, this is probably not the right place for you.

What I realized this year is that the state is not going to take care of me or us, either on a base physical or metaphysical level. Not just that, but it might work actively against us. We have to be ready to take care of ourselves and each other and we have to be ready to evolve.

This training is changing because the world is changing. We need you to be better prepared.

What does all of this mean in logistical details? I will do the work that I know how to do to best train you. We will have more conversations about yoga and social justice, both as (potentially) a direct tool and also as a necessary self-care tool for activists. There will be more emphasis on community building. The training period has increased to ten months. There are increased asana requirements (including a weekly home practice). There are more in-depth reading and reflections.

How could we possibly expect more of you?

How could we possibly expect less?

Click below to read the rest. (As in the picture below is actually a magic magazine that you can flip through.)

If you want a limited edition copy of the zine, you gotta come to class.


Tracey lives in Holy Cross with her wife and seven pets. Her OCD keeps the floors clean. Her attention to detail and ability to cat herd make her a funny but sometimes kinda serious leader. She is straight up obsessed with revolutionary/evolutionary potential of yoga. If you want to know more about her or take a class with her, email her at or check out her personal blog at

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