You know how history gets divided up into periods that all seem really neat and orderly in retrospect? Pre-war. Post-war. Post 9.11. After Katrina.

We are smack in the middle of a fissure.

The world is changing fast. If we want yoga to be a tool in our revolutionary arsenal, yoga has to change. The way we practice it, the way we teach it, the way we talk about it.

Let’s face it. The world doesn’t need another cookie cutter yoga teacher. Sure, there are different types of cookies, but you know what I mean. The world needs heroes, leaders who are ready to use this practice to actively lead others towards liberation.

This training is political. It’s personal. It’s challenging.

And it’s fun, if you think working hard for change is fun.

We do. We are looking for 8 other people who are dedicated, obsessive, and revolution-minded.

You also gotta have a sense of humor. Because srsly, we work hard, but we love glitter.


We hope you dig this teaser.

Training starts September 11th. More info will come soon. Right now we are revamping the curriculum and the manifesto. Community potluck on August 27th.

If you already know you want to be one of the 8, you can apply here.


Tracey lives in Holy Cross with her wife and seven pets. Her OCD keeps the floors clean. Her attention to detail and ability to cat herd make her a funny but sometimes kinda serious leader. She is straight up obsessed with revolutionary/evolutionary potential of yoga. If you want to know more about her or take a class with her, email her at or check out her personal blog at

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