If you are obsessive about yoga and personal empowerment for yourself and others, you’re probably a good fit. If you are just kinda into yoga and want to maintain a casual attitude towards the practice, that’s cool, but this probably not the place for you.

We are looking for people who LOVE to do the work.

That sounds really fucking vague, but it’s not. We don’t care if you’ve been doing yoga for a year or a decade, but you gotta be willing to show up and get dirty. You gotta be willing to read hard stuff and do hard things with your body. You gotta be willing to be accountable to the community and hold others accountable. You gotta be ready to have hard feelings and hard conversations.

We believe that yoga teachers are leaders and that leaders have to be ready to lead by example.

Are you ready? Like really ready?

Okay, then.



Tracey lives in Holy Cross with her wife and seven pets. Her OCD keeps the floors clean. Her attention to detail and ability to cat herd make her a funny but sometimes kinda serious leader. She is straight up obsessed with revolutionary/evolutionary potential of yoga. If you want to know more about her or take a class with her, email her at or check out her personal blog at

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