Get Bent Nola Teacher Training INFOSESSION August 15th!


Y’all. Tracey Duncan and Tyler St. Jean are gearing up for Get Bent Nola Teacher Training 2.0. We are hosting an infosession in Holy Cross on August 15th at 7:30 pm. If you want to come, email us at, and let us know. Tracey will be working up a new Manifest-oh in the next week, but here is some basic info about the training:

When: August 2016-May 2017, Mondays 5:30-9:30 pm
Who: Led by Tracey Duncan, assisted by Tyler St. Jean
What: 333 hours of practical, hands-on, life-changing Yoga Teacher Training
Where: Holy Cross
How Much: Sliding Scale, $1,500-$3,000, depending on your income and financial ability
Why: Because you want to change the world. Because you want to help people. Because we want to help you grow in an independent, free-spirited, but totally structured environment.

What should you do next? If you are interested, you should email us at There is an application and an interview process, not because we are elitist, but because we want to get to know you and let you get to know us so that you can make an informed decision about your yoga education.


Tracey lives in Holy Cross with her wife and seven pets. Her OCD keeps the floors clean. Her attention to detail and ability to cat herd make her a funny but sometimes kinda serious leader. She is straight up obsessed with revolutionary/evolutionary potential of yoga. If you want to know more about her or take a class with her, email her at or check out her personal blog at

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