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Here’s a little snippet from the Get Bent Nola Teacher Training Informational Manifest-oh:

What is Get Bent NOLA?

Get Bent NOLA is an idea and a community, birthed from the desire to reclaim yoga as a revolutionary practice, to gather likeminded folk in satsang (good company), and to share the wealth of the practice without allegiance to, or perhaps in defiance of, the corporately sponsored commodity formerly known as yoga. This is not a dismissal of the relevance of any yoga practice, but instead an attempt to scrub them clean of commercialism and repurpose them back into usability.

GBN aims to cultivate solidarity and cut across factionalism between the various schools, studios, teachers, and practices. It’s all yoga.

The purpose of the teacher training is to train teachers to share the practice. The curriculum is designed, first and foremost, to train you to teach thoughtfully and carefully. Second, it will teach you to think critically about yoga texts, practices, and applications to ensure that your teaching is accessible and empowering. Third, it will situate you within the larger NOLA community and encourage hybridity by requiring you to practice all over the city with a diverse array of yogis.

The practical end result of this training is for you to be able to teach three kinds of asana classes: a beginner’s class, a restorative class, and a level 1-2 vinyasa style class. You will also be taught to lead meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Get Bent does not teach or promote one particular yoga style (or brand). You will be given templates for basic class structures (lesson plans), but you will be required to explore multiple styles and expected to incorporate them sensibly and safely. Explicit emphasis will be placed on sharing the practice with beginners.

This training is not studio based. It is community based. That means that you will be asked to become part of the New Orleans yoga community by practicing at multiple studios and learning from a variety of teachers.

Think of it as a really long badass field trip.

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